Welcome to Chainfire's development blog! This is a site dedicated to my hobby projects, as well as those that are now commercial. I am however not promising I will not post any other completely unrelated nonsense :) Don't see this as my resume.

[G+] On LPX13D, SELinux, and root

[G+] Rooting ADT-1 on LPX13D

[G+] 500 Firepaper update for Android TV

[G+] Quick SuperSU fix for Nexus5/7 on LPX13D

[G+] SuperSU updated to v2.13

[G+] CF-Auto-Root updates

[G+] Google+

[G+] CF-Auto-Root updates

[G+] SuperSU updated to v2.02 - L fixes

[G+] DSLR Controller updated to v0.99.5