SuperSU v2.71 BETA released, CF-Auto-Roots updated
Posted on 2016-03-31
CF.lumen v3.66 released
Posted on 2016-03-30
FlashFire v0.29 released
Posted on 2016-03-22
S7 and S7 Edge (Exynos) CF-Auto-Root available
Posted on 2016-03-15
SuperSU v2.70 BETA RC - FlashFire v0.28 BETA - N Preview
Posted on 2016-03-14
N Preview: Surviving Your Trip To Mount Doom
Posted on 2016-03-14
SuperSU v2.69 BETA RC - N Preview
Posted on 2016-03-13
CF.lumen v3.65 released
Posted on 2016-03-01